The Superstition League was fouded for the fun and enjoyment of everyone involved. To the maximum extent possible, anyone desiring to play senior softball will be given the opportunity to participate in conformance with the enclosed rules.

Any participant who jeopardizes the opportunity for others to have fun and enjoyment may be ejected from a game by the umpire and/or suspended from the League by the Board of Directors.(Rule#17)

East Valley, Phoenix Arizona

      2018 Superstition Softball Schedule 
  Canyon VistaDivision 1 
    Feb. 6Feb. 13Feb. 20Feb. 27Team  
   9:00 AM3-221-1921-2421-23 1Roadhaven 
   10:15 AM2-319-2124-2123-21 2Canyon Vistas Jokers 
   11:30 AM9-817-1620-195-2 3Resort Rogues 
   12:45 PM8-916-1719-202-5 4Ageless Wonders 
   2:00 PM24-2311-82-610-8 5Outkasts 
   3:15 PM23-248-116-28-10 6Viewpoint Hombres 
  Superstition SunriseDivision 2 
    Feb. 6Feb. 13Feb. 20Feb. 27 
   9:00 AM15-1424-2223-2216-147Resort Rockets 
   10:15 AM14-1522-2422-2314-168Canyon Vistas Mustangs 
   11:30 AM21-2018-1411-101-49Golden Vista Can-Ams 
   12:45 PM20-2114-1810-114-110Full Circle 
   2:00 PM19-2223-2013-1420-2211Solera Sluggers 
   3:15 PM22-1920-2314-1322-2012Anthem Redhawks 
  ViewpointDivision 3 
    Feb. 6Feb. 13Feb. 20Feb. 27 
   11:30 AM1-615-1316-1817-1313Viewpoint Comancheros 
   12:45 PM6-113-1518-1613-1714Superstition Sunrays 
   2:00 PM17-184-617-1519-2415Viewpoint Saguaros 
   3:15 PM18-176-415-1724-1916Golden Sun Sundowners 
         17Gold Canyon Miners 
         18Viewpoint Falcons 
  The ResortDivision 4 
    Feb. 6Feb. 13Feb. 20Feb. 27 
   9:00 AM4-55-34-39-719Canyon Vistas Coyotes 
   10:15 AM5-43-53-47-920Superstition Sunrisers 
   11:30 AM10-710-98-718-1521Countryside Rattlers 
   12:45 PM7-109-107-815-1822Superstition Supersuns 
   2:00 PM13-162-11-56-3 23Canyon Vistas Scorpions 
   3:15 PM16-131-25-13-6 24Viewpoint Cavaliers 
    Feb. 6Feb. 13Feb. 20Feb. 27 
   10:00 AM11-127-129-1212-11 
   11:15 AM12-1112-712-911-12 
   Team listed LAST is HOME TeamHOME team will pay Umpire $20.00